Beiliang Zhu, Cello & Baroque Cello & Viola da Gamba ----- 竺倍亮

I see pictures when I play, sometimes a fleeting moment, sometimes a story that unfolds. 

I want to share them with you. Will you share yours with me?

 Photographer: Tatiana Daubek

Bach Partita in D minor - Allemande.mp3

 "Zhu added telling nuances to the repeating bass . . . , elegant and sensual, stylishly wild."

-- The New Yorker

 "The orchestra played vibrantly, with particularly exciting work from the cellist and violist da gamba Beiliang Zhu, . . . "

 -- The New York Times

"Exemplary ... with the transparency and fleetness necessary to create the illusion of counterpoint within Bach’s nimble dance forms."

-- Portland Press Herald

 ". . . Zhu’s butter-smooth sound perfectly suited to her long chromatic lines . . . "

 -- The Boston Musical Intelligencer

 "Notably robust contributions came from a trio of gamba players: [including] Beiliang Zhu."

-- The Boston Globe

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